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It's been a while!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

2 years has passed since my last post, omigosh! :))

I'm laughing at myself right now, I'm so heartbroken these past few years. Also, I was still immature about love! :)
Anyway, that 2 years was AWESOME and LIFE-CHANGING! I am now a graduating student at DLSU-D..yey! :D
I also have my loving and adobrable hubby Kevin. He's the one who changed my life and lead me to a greater and brighter future.
My future hubby indeed :)

Gaaaah!! I don't know what to say! I miss writing on my blogs! :(
I have so many things to say but I don't know where to start.
There's so many things that has happened to me.
Good thing is no more crying when it comes to love! I'm happy and contented with my special someone. 

Those who are asking about my post about Ehlae, sorry but I don't have any communications with him anymore.
He was busy with his life and I myself was busy too. We both have our own lives but thank you who commented on my post about him. I hope he is happy and safe wherever he is. :)


He was supposed to be the ONE!

I met this this guy on a bus with his friends, I was with my cousin. We were going to Divisoria went my cousin noticed some guys that were familiar to her. They shouted my cousin's name, it was a coincidence that we both rode on the same bus. There were three guys namely, Nong, Bjorn and Kher. My cousin introduced me to them, no one was beside me and Kher sat beside me. He said hi and I just smiled at him. At first I was captured by his eyes. When they rode off the bus they were waving at us like kids. That was the first time I saw him, the next one was when my cousin's boyfriend were going to practice(band), I saw him again but we didn't get the chance to talk and I think he didn't remembered me. The third time that we met was when our friend invited us to her DEBUT. We were sitting next to each other and he told me that he would call my crush and ask him to sit beside me, I dared him to do it but he didn't. I had a crush on Jim that time. The fourth time was when he invited me on his birthday, we had a chance to talk because I was telling them what happened to me and Jim. We were so close to each other, I was slightly drunk and didn't want to drink anymore but my friend dared Kher that if he would drink my shot he would kiss me, I said someone would be angry but they won't tell that person. He drank it and gave me a kiss on the cheek. After that, he was also drunk, me and my cousin was about to go but he asked for a kiss again until we rode a tricycle. He kissed me five times, and then that's when we got developed. He then became my boyfriend, I was so happy to be his girlfriend. We both loved each other so much but when problems come in our way it seems like he would always give up. Now, we just broke up the other day and I was so depressed, I think I won't last a day without him. He was my life, my ONE LOVE. My heart was crushed, I didn't know what to do, I cried all night because I didn't want it to happen but he insisted that he needs time to find himself. I just accepted what he said and it was time for me to move on. My friends tell me that he would come back to me and that he loves me so much. I wish what they was going to happen. He was the only guy that I loved the very most. I wish he would come back to me. I don't want to assume that he would come back because if I do...I will always think of him or when he would come back. But if we were meant to be he GOD will always find a way to make him come back to me. If you are reading this, you know who you are. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH...I REALLY REALLY WANT YOU TO COME BACK TO ME. :(

I want to forget everything

I wish I had an amnesia, I just want to forget everything. From the dumb things that I've done and to the good things that I've also done. Stupid mistakes that I shouldn't have made. From the LOVE that I gave to my love ones; it was also a mistake. Heartaches come along but they never go away. I wish I don't know have to love somebody, 'cause it  just hurts me. I loved him in the fact that he was the one I wanted, but what can I do? He still loves his "Ex", i can't do anything about it. How can you forget someone so easily if your relationship lasted for a year? I think I can't move on that easily. So, I understand what he's feeling right now, for now, I want to stay away from him. Wanting to forget everything that I said and start again by being "just friends". This day was supposed to be our date, but I became a chaperon. I was jealous of how the couples cuddle each other. I wish i have someone who I can express my feelings to. Feeling sad, I tried to be happy for my cousin, her boyfriend at least tried to make me happy. I appreciate that he did that. My mind was thinking of him, but I wish I didnt. I was supposed to be happy to be with him, to watch the fireworks with him, hugging each other while saying the words "I really really love you and I hope you too.". Sadly, it didn't happen, he was with his "Ex" and his mother. I don't know where they went but it's ok, no hard feelings. Though he said that "Be ready", be ready in a way that I can't forget how the way he would love me. To think that he still loves his "Ex" and he should've said that "Be ready to be crushed!". He told me that he loves me but I believed him. I wish I didn't. I hope someday I would find true happiness and never to be lonely anymore! 


I found my DREAM GUY!

Did I really found my DREAM GUY? He was really the one I wanted, because in every girl there's some aspects to be the girl's dream guy. Like me, he's a varcity, choir singer, drummer and a dancer! ALL-IN-ONE package. I met him at our clan, actually I met him when I was on my sophomore year. He was my bestfriend's classmate and also a friend. When we got the chance to talk, I told him that I knew him already and I saw him. He told me that he had a girlfriend, their relationship lasted for one year and nine months, woah! Talk about relationship! I only lasted eight months with my last boyfriend. I couldn't help myself not to talk to him, I don't want to fall for him because he told me he didn't want a girlfriend for now. My heart was crushed, I told him that I wouldn't talk to him anymore but i couldn't do it! But my heart was relieved when he said that he could not stand me anymore. He didn't want me to leave him. WHEW! I love him!


Writer's Block: Theme Song

What song would you choose as the theme song for your life?
For me, I would choose the song "Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton. Because this song reminds me of what has happened to me these past few years. What I have done for my loved ones, I would walk a thousand miles just to see them.

My friend.."KHULET".

mah khulet!

This is my friend Lean Alejandro Kobayashi or Ehlae(girls often call him that). He is half Japanese and half Filipino, he is also a dancer from the group called "FWI". He's one year older than me. We're both going to take the same course but on a different school. I saw him at my cousin's friendster, when I first saw him I was like, "OMG! He's so cute!". But we found out that person was only a poser of him. We went to youtube and we searched their dance crew. After 30 mins. we found the true "Ehlae". I added him up to my YM account and Alas! He was online and I started asking him 'bout some stuff. He was so handsome! We thought he was a lesbian because a girl commented on his video saying that he was a lesbian. I ignored what the girl said because she was like "feeling close" and I sensed that she was just making up that story. One time, he texted me(or texted several girls), he said he needed 5 php load for him to activate the UNLICALLS NIGHT. I shared 5 php load to him and hoping to call me. When we were about to sleep my phone rang and he was calling! I was so nervous, then I answered the call.  His voice was like a girl, me and my cousin doubt that it might be his girlfriend who answered. OK...long story short, we became close friends and he started to tell me some things that his DIE HARD FANS don't know. For your information, he's famous in manila, many girls know him. I started to think that I was the luckiest girl because he always talks to me and telling me secrets. Of course, I won't tell any of his secrets because I told him that I don't want to lose his trust and our friendship. This is dedicated to him, thank you Ehlae for giving me the chance to be your friend. I'll never forget you!

The Breakup Bible

I love this book! When I saw this book I instantly remembered my "EX". I really love him until now, but he don't like me anymore. You know why? When we broke up I became boyish and started hanging out with boys. Ok...Ok...back to the book. The cover was pink. Shocking pink. Smack in the middle was raised, gold heart, split in two by pink lightning bolt. Above the heart was the title of the book, written in white capital letters. It was a story of a girl who got dumped by her boyfriend. The boy said, "I think it's better if we were friends.". I was so serious reading it I didn't notice that in 1 hour I read up to 10 chapters. I remembered how my boyfriend dumped me and he said "I don't want you anymore." Something like that, I can't remember what he actually said. The girl in this story "Jeniffer Lewis", became so depressed (like I was), her friends helped her overcome this sadness, not her mom, because her mom was a man-hater. Her dad left them because he was gay and was living with a gay husband. Her "Nana" or her grandmother gave her a book called "The Breakup Bible", at first she didn't mind to read it because she didn't want help from a book. She was so mad with her past boyfriend because they saw him at the theater with her co-committee kissing. Lewis almost died when she saw that, her heart broken in half. I remembered when I was having y chemistry class in the science laboratory when I saw my ex holding hands with a First-year. From where I was sitting I could see the entrance of the canteen, where my ex was. Tears bursting from my eyes, my classmate was shock when he saw me. He gave me his handkerchief and started wiping my tears. Long story short, she moved on with her boyfriend and she finally saw Mr. Right!

The day when i met my truelove...

First month ng Junior year ko sa Christian Values school. May nakita akong lalaki, bigla kagad pumasok sa isip ko na transferee siya kasi ngayon ko lang nakita yung mukha niya(malamang?!). Tuwing makikita ko siya laging sumusunod ang tingin ko sa kanya, ewan ko ba kung bakit pero parang type ko siya(parang nga lang ba?). Eto ba nag sinasabi nila na Love at first sight? Hmm...aga naman masyado...habang tumatagal nagugustuhan ko siya. Habang nag-chachapel service, tumitingin-tingin ako sa likod kasi hinahanap ko siya. (Ayun! Nahanap ko din!) Naka-black siya nung araw na yun, wala akong ginawa kundi lumingon ng lumingon sa likod ko, nang matapos ang chapel service sinabi ko sa aking mga amigas na hingin ko na yung number kaso...wala akong lakas na loob na gawin yun. So, ang ginawa  ng mga kaibigan ko ay hinabol nila, nung una nag-alangan pa ko na hingin kasi natatakot ako baka hindi niya ibigay kasi mukha siyang suplado. Hinabol namin siya haggang sa gate, medyo lumayo ako para kunyari hindi niya ako makita(kunyari lang naman!). Nakita ko inabot ni Ruthlyn ung cellphone niya at tinype nung crush ko yung number niya. Paglapit sakin ni Ruth at Princess parang sila pa yung kinilig(hehe), SAKTO !!! Naka-SUN siya !!! Sinave ko yung number and them sinave din ni Ruth yung number, nilagay niya pa nga "Future DADi ko". Sabi ko kay Ruth hindi pa nge kami nag-uusap future dadi n kagad. Pag-uwi ko nag-load kagad ako at tinawagan siya. Akala ko hindi niya sasagutin tawag ko, pag sagot niya....biglang bumilis tibok ng puso ko..."Hello? Pwede po ba kay Aldous?", "Siya 'to? Sino ka?", "Ako po yung nanghinge ng number mo pero hindi ako yung mismong kumuha....classmate ko yun...", "Ah, ano name mo?", "Angeli po?". Pagkatapos ng mahabang usapan marami akong nalaman tungkol sa kanya. At tumagal nahulog kami sa isa't-isa, nung July 24,2007 naging kami ni Aldous John L. Serrano. Mahal ko siya hanggang ngayon sana mahal pa din niya ko.